BMI Calculator

BMI Weight range
Under wt (<18.5) Normal Wt (18.5-24.9) Over Wt (25-29.9) Obese Wt (>=30)

A Comprehensive Guide on Using the BMI Calculator:

Step 1: Input Your Information On the BMI calculator page, you will find input fields: "Weight", "Height",
"Age" and choose "Gender". Enter your weight in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs) in the weight field and your height in either centimeters (cm) or feet and inches in the height field. Ensure that you provide accurate measurements to get an accurate BMI result.

Step 2: Select the Measurement Units Next to the height input field, you will find a two button that allows you to choose between different units of measurement. Select the appropriate US units and Metric units.

Step 3: Calculate Your BMI After inputting your weight and height, age and choose gender click on the "Calculate BMI" button located below the input fields. The BMI calculator will process your information and generate your Body Mass Index.

Step 4: Interpret Your Results Once the calculation is complete, the BMI calculator will display your Body Mass Index along with a corresponding category. These categories typically include "Underweight," "Normal Weight," "Overweight," and "Obese." Read the category associated with your BMI to understand where your weight falls on the BMI scale.

Step 5: Understand Your BMI Category Refer to the guidelines provided on the BMI calculator page or consult with a healthcare professional to understand the implications of your BMI category. They will help you interpret the results and provide guidance on maintaining a healthy weight.

Remember that the BMI calculator provides an estimation of your body composition based on weight and height. It is a general indicator and should not be considered as the sole determinant of your overall health. For a comprehensive assessment, it is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional.