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To effectively use the HTML Table Code Generator tool follow these steps:

  1. Table Structure:
    • Columns: Specify the number of columns you want in your table. Enter a numerical value to set the desired number of columns.
    • Rows: Define the number of rows you wish to have in your table. Enter a numerical value to set the desired number of rows.
  2. Table Style:
    • Color: Choose a color for your table using the dropdown options. You can select from colors like Grey, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue, Brown, or none.
    • Theme: Decide whether you want to apply a specific style to the table header or leave it with no additional style.
    Cell Info:
    • Add placeholder info in table cells: If you want to populate the table cells with placeholder information, select this option from the dropdown.
    • No placeholder info in table cells: If you prefer to have empty cells with no placeholder information, choose this option instead.
    • Highlight: Determine whether you want the table rows to highlight when hovered over or remain unchanged.

On the right-hand side of the tool’s interface, you will find the following features:

  • Generated HTML Table Code: The HTML code for the table you’ve customized will appear in this box. You can preview and modify the code as needed.
  • Download Code: If you’re satisfied with the generated HTML code, you can click this button to download the code as a file.
  • Copy Code: Use this button to copy the HTML code to your clipboard. You can then paste it into your preferred HTML editor or text editor.
  • Clear Button: Clicking this button will reset all the settings, clearing the generated table and the HTML code.

Below the Table Properties section, you will see a preview of your HTML table. It will reflect the structure and style you’ve chosen. I think You will happy with HTML Table Code Generator tool.